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PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

How to install crond and crontab

How to add crond and crontab to the Busybox configuration

Configure Busybox

On the FOX board crond and crontabs are implemented inside Busybox so you have to add them from the Busybox configuration.

cd packages/apps/busybox/devboard
make menuconfig

Enable [*] crond and [*] crontab in the --> Miscellaneous Utilities section:

Exit and Save the configuration.

Now add the init script in the SDK to create the right directory inside the FOX fimage end the script to start and stop the crond daemon.
Go in the packages/initscripts folder and create a folder named crond then copy inside it these files:

Go back to the SDK root folder and edit the main Makefile.

Search the setting of SUBDIRS variable:
        packages/romfs_meta/common \

and add at the end of this list the line "packages/initscripts/crond", ie:

	packages/devices/scsi \
	packages/devices/ttyusb \

Now create the new fimage typing:


and flash the FOX as explain on this article

Try crond

Login the FOX board and type:

crontab -e

Press i to switch in insert mode and type:

* * * * * echo "Hello" >> /var/crondtest

Press ESC and :wq to save.

Each 1 minute a new Hello line will be add to the /var/crondtest file. To check is type:

tail -f /var/crondtest

and wait 1 munute.

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