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PLEASE NOTE: This article is obsolete or related to a discontinued product.

Setting up BOA to accept CGI

written by the John Crispin

If you want to access custom html pages on your FOX Board, you simply put them in /etc/httpd/html/ directory and accesso to it from this URL:

However, if you want to use CGI, you need to create a new CGI folder.

To do this, you need to :


403 Forbidden

"Your client does not have permission to get URL /cgi/ from this server"

If you obtain this message probably the script is not executable. Use this command:

# chmod +x

502 Bad Gateway

"The CGI was not CGI/1.1 compliant"

If you obtain this message probably you have used a "DOS like" editor like Notepad to edit the script file. This add a CR/LF sequence at the end of each lines instead of a single LF. If you are using UltraEdit or any other good editor probably you can choose to save the file in Unix format elsewhere use these commands to strip the CR chars:

# cat | tr -d '\r' >
# cp